Wednesday, April 9, 2008


After finishing my last evening shift, my friends and I had a little party in the lounge. We made sure, somehow, that all of the essentials were, CAMERAS and CHOCOLATE!!! Saying goodbye to these beautiful people who have touched my heart so very deeply, was not easy. A few of them are actually moving to Boston this summer, which I'm ecstatic about!! The majority, however, I may sadly never see this world anyway...

However, I like to remind myself that the the world is round and my future adventures yet unknown! I'm simply going to hope in the possibility that our paths cross unexpectedly someday down the road!

As for all of you out there reading, inquiring, and praying, THANK YOU!  Unlike my "family" on the Mercy Ship, I will likely be seeing most of you very soon! ( Ps. the last picture is of my bunk. I wanted to show you all how close at heart I was able to keep you as a result of the folder FULL of letters and pictures!!! You'll never know how I looked forward to opening them each day!)

Signing off,
Katie O

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Tyrone said...

Wow, Katie it must have taken you a while to catch up with your blogging...your farewell was a while ago, and the first lady came almost 2 months ago.

but that tends to happen when you are busy on the ship...(wink)